Holiday Stylin’

When I think about dressing up for the holidays, I think velvet, faux fur, suede, and a lot of sparkle! I’ve gathered some awesome statement pieces to add to your collection. I love that any of these pieces can be mixed together to create the perfect look for the holidays.


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What are your favorite pieces for the holidays?

Elle x


Olivia Palermo Inspo.

OlivMy Inspiration. Love her look!








While we were on vacation in Australia, Nathaniel and I had the chance to be sealed in the Sydney LDS Temple. I wanted to wear something nice, but nothing too over the top (since it was basically like a mini second wedding).  While I was searching for inspiration online I came across pictures of Olivia Palermo at her wedding and instantly fell in love. I set out to find the right fabric for the skirt and could not find what I was looking for at a reasonable price, so I thought why not use my wedding dress. The fabric from my wedding dress was almost exactly what I wanted, and it would be a great way to repurpose my dress into something more casual. Luckily, one of my friends got me in touch with an incredible seamstress. Her name is Lynette, check out her blog Running With Scissors. Within two weeks of meeting with her and telling her what I wanted I had a cute, unique skirt to wear to my sealing. I love how it turned out!

Elle x