Side Table DIY

I have had two of those cheap wooden stools you can find just about anywhere for a while now. I have been using them as side tables in my living room, because spending 70 dollars plus for one I like from the store is not going to happen. So I came up with a way to make them more attractive.

DSC_0012This is what the stool looked like, just chilling in my living room.



  • Rope
  • 1 tarp
  • 1 sanding block (I just used medium grit)
  • Lacquer
  • Spray paint of your choice (I used fluorescent yellow, because I wanted a pop of color)

DSC_0095First, I gave the two stools a quick sand to get all of that ugly yellow lacquer off. I wanted the natural wood look.

DSC_0037Once they were sanded, I taped off  the legs where I wanted them to be painted.

DSC_0042I used a piece of cardboard to make sure I didn’t spray above the tape. I also sprayed a very light coat of  lacquer on the top. It was so light, that it didn’t even look like it had anything on it.

DSC_0046Once they were painted I left them to dry for a few hours.

DSC_0056Now that they were dry it was time to put my shelves in. To begin, I tied the rope into a slip knot (by “I,” I mean my husband 😉 ) Then, I just started to loop the rope back and fourth between the two rungs.

DSC_0066I did this until it was completely covered. You want to make sure that you pull the rope tight! You don’t want the shelf to be droopy once you put something on it. To tie-off the end, we did an arbor knot and tucked the end pieces into the rest of the rope to hide it.

DSC_0071It should look a little something like this in the end.

DSC_0182I love they way they turned out. Enjoy!

Elle x

Home Inspo





I love everything about this Laurel & Wolf makeover (check out the full story on their blog) for Fashionista Chriseele Lim. I have always admired her style and love what she and Laurel & Wolf came up with for her home! This is totally the style that I would choose for my home. It is a little out of my price range now, but hopefully one day I will have the home of my dreams! Another thing that I love about this is that a lot of pieces were from one of my all time favorite stores Z Gallerie. If I could buy everything in that store, I probably would! Below are a few pieces of the many from Z that I am currently drooling over!





Elle x