Aragog’s Lair

My work had so many fun activities leading up to Halloween. The biggest being an office wide team decorating contest. My team decided we wanted to make a spider web, but not just any spider web, Aragog’s web… or lair. We had a big area to cover, so we wanted to have really big spiders to help fill up the space. We originally thought we could just buy a few spiders, but when we found out they would cost upwards of $50 dollars we thought otherwise. I got thinking and figured basically with some balloons, an exercise ball, and A LOT of newspaper I could make them myself.


First, I shaped the head with some cardboard from cereal boxes and starting making the head.


After a few looong hours I finally had all of the bodies made and let them dry overnight. I used a hot glue gun for details on the face and cut up an old furry throw pillow I had and used adhesive spray to stick it to the body and head to make it more realistic.



I underestimated the amount of brown spray paint I would need, but had gold and black on hand, so I just used those colors as a base coat to help cover up the newspaper.


I hot glued the legs in place and attached some fishing line to hang them. Then the process of hanging over 1500 square feet of webbing began. After that, it was just a matter of adding some more (smaller) paper/plastic spiders and voila!



We did not end up winning, but we had a lot of fun!

A “Sweet” Design

logo 2


I am absolutely loving my new logo designed by my talented best friend Steffany Beddes. I wanted my logo to be fun and simple, and I think we achieved this perfectly! So the story behind the logo is everyone knows a la mode in the U. S means to serve with ice cream. In French, though, it means fashionable or in current style; so I decided to take the definition of both (since I love stylish things and ice cream) and mash it with my name (Elle) to come up with a fun name for my blog Elleamode! I think it is such a fun name/logo to have, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Elle x

Out with the Old…

One major problem that I have discovered since living in an apartment is there is just not enough room for my clothes! My poor husband has given me most of the room in the closet, but I still have to double up my clothes on hangers. I decided I was tired of having a closet jam packed of clothes, especially when half the time I end up standing in the closet forever trying to decide what to wear. I usually just end up wearing the same outfits, because I just don’t wear half of my clothes or I can’t find anything in my hotmess of a closet.

To help solve this problem I finally decided that I was going to do a closet cleanse. I was going to get rid of the clothes that I hardly wear, and I will only buy clothes that I absolutely love! If I don’t love it, then I won’t buy it! (that is the plan anyway 😉 )

This was also a good excuse to start fresh. I have found over the years, my style has changed and I don’t wear the things that I used to. To begin, I went through all of my clothes and got everything I didn’t wear and put it in a pile. I had everything from clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. By the end of the clean out we had 3 bags full (I made my husband clean out his clothes too). This week we are going to take our clothes to Plato’s Closet, to help fund the process of filling our closet back up. Haha.

I can’t wait to start finding new pieces. Hopefully I can stick to my rule and only buy things I love!

before closetBeforein closet 2

platos (1)A big portion of what’s going to Plato’s Closet


Once I got rid of the clothes in the spare closet, I could finally put my coats in there. I love my faux furs, but they took up a lot of room!

after closet

The top mostly looks like the biggest change, but I was able to space out my hanging clothes a lot more!


    Elle x